Monday, February 18, 2008

Only by the Grace of God

It has been months since God put it on my heart to put my story in words and able to be viewed by someone. I can speak now with even greater revelation of the goodness and grace of God and my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
I can only write about that which I am qualified to write and have a heart to write.
Only by the Grace of God am I here able to write anything, so I want to write what is on my heart and that is God and his grace.
I can't put into words the difference God has made in my life and the changes he's done in me that no human power could accomplish. I did exhaust every mean and measure
with defeat everytime. I did not know nor understood that this was the greatest place that anyone could be. How was I to know that I was being allowed to destroy and
tear down everything in my life so God in his amazing grace could come in and clothed that which I had stripped, build even greater that which I tore down, and restore that which I lost.
God's grace is the most awesome thing I have ever tried to understand. I had to get to a point that I was willing to cry out to God and admitt total defeat. I had to be willing to except his help as a Gift of love that was in no way earned or deserved by me or my efforts. The hardest part is to remain that way no matter how he continue's to bless me, restore me and raise me up. I have to always remember It's Only by the Grace of God that I am here anyways. The only way we will ever be the person he predestined us to be is to receive and remain in the Grace's of God.

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I am a happily married mother of two teenage boys and step-son. I have spent many years in addiction and bondage but I have been set free by God. My only objective for sharing about this is let people know there is hope no matter what the struggle God is ready and willing to set you Free.

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