Thursday, November 22, 2007


It is Thanksgiving and I am with my husband and children for that I am so grateful.
I have so many things to be thankful for. Life isn't perfect and It has threw one problem after another it seems but that is Life. The awesome thing to me is I am learning what Paul was talking about in Acts, which is to learn to have peace and contentment in all circumstances. That is powerful. Situations that used to cause me to fall or stumble no longer do that. I can only say it is because of the choice I made to trust God with every area of my life. Something happens when you just trust and believe that the Lord is with you and know that he works all things out to the good for those who love him. I am so thankful we have a God that Loves us and is always with us no matter what. I now understand what it means in the Bible when it says "Rain will come to the just and un-just alike. Life will happen and hard times are sure to come but the great thing that I am learning is God is faithful and he will not leave us, he will give us what we need to endure any and all circumstances.
I am so grateful to serve a God who understands everything we go through and will walk hand in hand with his children through it all. He loves us so much that he took our punishment for us. May you have a blessed thanksgiving day and walk in the joy and peace of the Lord.

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I just want everyone checks this site out that I am the husband of this beautiful woman named Tina. I to have struggled to be free and I want everyone to know that I couldn't have obtained my freedom without my darling wife and the love and concern she showed me at times in my life when nobody else noticed. I am truly blessed to have a wife, lover, friend like this in my life. We have fought hard to reach the place where we are now at, and it hasen't been easy, but at the same time it has been so worth it. My wife Tina is my little miricle and I love her so much. She makes my life complete. What more could a man ask for as the new year begins. God, my wife, and my children.

There is HOPE!

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I am a happily married mother of two teenage boys and step-son. I have spent many years in addiction and bondage but I have been set free by God. My only objective for sharing about this is let people know there is hope no matter what the struggle God is ready and willing to set you Free.

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