Saturday, November 10, 2007

Devine Appointments

First I want to say that God is so awesome and I am so excited about all that he is doing in my life. There is so many ways he is manifesting himself in my Life.
When you start recognizing him in all the details of your life you start seeing how
he orchestrates and unfolds these Divine Appointments right before your eyes.
God has blessed me with Rosie, a woman I have never met and we are hundreds of miles apart yet God has put us together and put a love in our hearts for one another. The thing we have in common is our sincere love for the Lord. It was amazing when we talked on the phone for the first time because of how God is telling us exactly the same things in our spirit. It is a Divine Appointment and we both know it. It has amazed me at how God has no limits. We as humans limit God when we are not willing
to live a life expecting to see God work in the supernatural. It is so exciting being part of of such a powerful move of the spirit and I feel like God is preparing us for something so much bigger. I just thank God he has got me to a place to were I welcome and expect his divine appointments. I pray that you start expecting to have divine movements in your life and to see God work in the supernatural. God Bless You

There is HOPE!

Clarksville, tennessee, United States
I am a happily married mother of two teenage boys and step-son. I have spent many years in addiction and bondage but I have been set free by God. My only objective for sharing about this is let people know there is hope no matter what the struggle God is ready and willing to set you Free.

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